Why I ♥ Bolton Church

“I love our church because it is small and feels like a little family, and yet we continue to grow.”   ♥ Autumn Byers 

“I love my Church because my 6 year old goes to sleep every Sunday night and says, “only 6 more days until we get to go back to Church!” We love our Bolton Church Family!”           ♥ Robbie Wylie

“Because I love the people with whom I worship!”                              ♥ Francis Williams

Bettie Gustafson

“I have been a member of the Bolton United Methodist Church since January 1997, when I transferred my membership from another UM Church after planning a move to the area. Through the years it was proved to be a loving, caring family church. It is exciting to attend services in a place that has been having worship, Sunday School  classes, fellowship, to name just a few purposes, for one hundred twenty years. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit, the prayers, the people that make me love my church!”      ♥ Bettie Gustafson 


“I love my church because we are a loving, caring church serving our Lord.” ♥ Linda Murrelle

“I love my church because of the special memories it holds for me of events and people both past and present who have been a positive influence on my faith journey. A congregation that has become family, and who always reach out and come together to serve others. I feel God’s presence when I enter the church doors.”             ♥ Melba Williams


“For me this is both simple and hard. When you have grown up in a church and never really entertained the idea of going anywhere else you don’t have anything to compare to. I think for me, I love my church because I have grown up here and I have seen the good and the bad.I have seen people step up and solve a problem rather than complaining that there was a problem.  
They didn’t just talk about church coming first, they made church first in their lives. That example has guided me throughout my life. It keeps me grounded and helps me determine what is important and what isn’t. It is this kind of love and commitment has meant a lot to me and I just hope that I am able to pass that on.”   Bonnie Briggs

“I love my Church because it feels like family.”  Terri Boros

Why I  Bolton Church

Loving God and Loving Our Neighbors